Last 20 Results
  • Владимир
    IQ : 89
    13/08/22 10:27
  • Andy
    IQ : 130
    13/08/22 10:09
  • Zeddyboi
    IQ : 123
    13/08/22 10:03
  • Sanasa1980
    IQ : 84
    13/08/22 9:57
  • Aray
    IQ : 104
    13/08/22 9:10
  • Мурод
    IQ : 110
    13/08/22 8:39
  • Ника
    IQ : 110
    13/08/22 8:33
  • GT
    IQ : 112
    13/08/22 8:14
  • Lolo
    IQ : 84
    13/08/22 8:03
  • phyiris
    IQ : 117
    13/08/22 7:56
  • Armen
    IQ : 123
    13/08/22 7:32
  • Mert
    IQ : 117
    13/08/22 7:26
  • Merve Aslan
    IQ : 123
    13/08/22 7:15
  • sirakiro
    IQ : 136
    13/08/22 6:58
  • can
    IQ : 120
    13/08/22 6:57
  • krawall
    IQ : 136
    13/08/22 6:51
  • harun
    IQ : 130
    13/08/22 6:46
  • ezgi
    IQ : 120
    13/08/22 6:22
  • Катрина
    IQ : 86
    13/08/22 6:08
  • Buse Türker
    IQ : 58
    13/08/22 5:59

International IQ Test


Welcome to IQ Test!

Before starting the test, make sure you are in a place where you can focus.

We will evaluate, through 40 questions, your ability to learn, to understand, to form concepts, to process information, and to apply logic and reason.

Your result at the end of this test will inform you of your IQ as well as your position in comparison to the population using several statistics.

Choose the appropriate shape to replace the shape that is missing 1/40


Congratulations, you have just completed the test!


To build your result and statistics (IQ score, age range, field of study and level of study), please fill out this form:

IQ Test Purpose

There are several objectives for passing the IQ test. First of all, it can be useful for introspection, it will allow you to compare your own indicators with the average indicators of other people, determine your own capabilities in the field of logic, evaluate your ability to learn and form concepts, and help identify strengths and weaknesses. Among other things, the IQ test allows you to look at the success of individuals in terms of logic, to understand the reasons for their victories.

IQ Test Performance

This IQ test was developed by a research team of professional psychologists. Every day, millions of people around the world use this test to analyze their own IQ level. The test provides verified reliable information in relation to the IQ scales of the presented Gaussian curve due to a large amount of collected statistical information.

Result: Gifted

If the IQ (more than 130 units) significantly exceeds the average level, then such a person is called Gifted. Usually, this indicator provides great opportunities for intellectual activity.

The following qualities are inherent in the gifted person:

  • Ability to concentrate
  • Hypersensitivity, which is often difficult to notice
  • Exceptional interest in selected topics
  • Craving for continuous self-improvement, perfectionism
  • Thirst for knowledge, high self-learning and curiosity
  • Developed mental abilities
  • Metacognitive Awareness
  • Ability to plan, use acquired knowledge in life

Result: Mental Disability

Indicators of extremely low IQ (below 70 points) indicate problems with mental abilities. People with this level of IQ can work hard, but they experience difficulties when faced with the need for intellectual work. Social relationships are also a weakness of such people. Experts point out that the main reasons people get very low IQ test scores are often maternal malnutrition during pregnancy or congenital problems caused by hypoxia during gestation. In addition, this can be caused by the effects of diseases on brain activity, such as whooping cough or measles, if untreated.

Our statistics

After passing our IQ test, statistical information is added to each result. In this statistical information you will see what place you occupy in accordance with certain indicators (population, age group, education, area of knowledge).

The statistical data presented is based on the information collected so far from the whole world. In the future, we will continue to receive statistics on the passage of tests and replenish the data in order to update the indicators.